Nutritional Therapy

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy takes into account the whole individual, the unique experiences of that individual, and what food and lifestyle practices may enhance life.  Whether it's about improving the balance of the healthy nutrients in the body, improving the habits that encourage health, or exploring a bit deeper what is unique about the body and what nutrients will and will not help it to achieve health and vitality, nutritional therapy uses evidence-based research to inform recommendations that elevate your style of life.

A nutrition consultation serves the purpose of helping to put structure around your nutrition and lifestyle goals.  After reviewing your unique experiences and choices, the nutritional therapist can make recommendations to suit you personally.  The plan that is recommended is usually an initial plan, that is meant to bring your body back into a state of balance so it can function optimally.  There is not one set plan.  Each individual has unique needs, desired outcomes, and preferences, which are all incorporated not only into each plan, but into the overall time it may take to implement the longer term plan goals.  

The initial consultation is 1 hour, and includes review of daily diet habits, any medications or supplements you take, and your personal account of the current and historical experiences of your body  (illnesses, injuries, medications, etc) that have had an effect on your body’s current chemistry.  We will review any imbalances you feel in each system as well as your lifestyle habits and preferences.  The goal of this consultation is to put in place a plan that will help your body to return to a state of balance.  This includes food, beverage, and lifestyle recommendations that take into account your preferences, goals, and capabilities.  Working with you individually to understand what fits within your lifestyle, together we create a plan to rebalance and revive your body from the inside out.  

How much guidance you need and how many consultations you choose following the initial consultations is up to you.  Each person is unique and will find that making changes to diet and lifestyle come only at a pace that is sustainable, which varies by individual, and by the current season.  Life moves and changes, and your lifestyle and the recommendations that will be of most benefit, need to morph and change along with it.  You may find that one plan is all you need to move forward and take control of your health.  You may also find that changing a bit now and a bit later works better for you.  Working together to make a plan that fits within your lifestyle is as important as the plan itself.  The goal is not perfection.  The goal is to help you make choices to fulfill your own health goals, within your own timeframe.  I can provide information and recommendations.  You must do the work and decide when and how to make changes on your own path to health.